Trip report Georgia


I finally got ready with my trip report from Georgia. It can be downloaded from My trips page (or cliking the report here). There you also can download placemarks as kmz-files for locking at the places we visited in e.g. Google Earth.










































Western Sahara and Morocco Feb 17-27 2018 2018-04-22

Made a wonderful trip to Western Sahara and Morocco on my February vacation. Travelling with Per Jensen, Mats Johannesson and Janne Knutsson we visited the Awsard area in Western Sahara for enigmatic species as Sudan Golden Sparrow, Cricket Warbler and Royal Tern. It was my third trip to this beutiful country and a full trip report is awailable here on my homepgae (My Trips).






























Hanstholm, Denmark 2018-01-09

On Sunday January 7th in delightful weather, with cousin Erik Hirschfeld and good old friend Per Anders Bertilsson, I made a trip to Hanstholm NW Jutland, Denmark to see and photograph a adult Lauging Gull which has stayed in that area since December 29th. After some nervous driving around we eventually cought up with the rare gull in the harbour area. There also were a few Glaucous Gulls and quite tame Turnstones around.
























2017 2017-12-31

This year has been my most active with more than 292 days of observations in Artportalen. In all a little more than 300. Mostly plants, 240 new species 2017 compared to 320 in 2016, but also eventually got one new species of birds in December - Greater Yellowlegs south of Gothenburg. A trip to Croatia in the summer is not yet completed when it matters images and identifications. Was also rather active in Microbirding - birding in the manucipality of Malmö. There I was lucky to find my first Iceland Gull for Malmö during the spring.




















Spring and Summer 2016 2016-06-23


This year as well as 2015 has to a great extent been devoted to flowers. I have been on a tour to

Öland entirely focusing on plants. Staying in Sweden this summer will be lovely for making a lot of excursions for more plants, dragonflies, butterflies and birds. Here you have a few examples from this period.

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