Pictures from Winter

Winter finally arrived to Malmö. Some of my photo documents of this, I hope, short period.











































Alaska Web Gallery

Finally i finished my web galleries from my trip to Alaska this summer. Remains finishing the trip report, which I hope will published during the autumn. Galleries - Trips
















Alaska June 14 - July 4

I am on a trip to Alaska with my two friends Per Anders Bertilsson and Matts Lindbladh these days. I hope to

get time and connection to publish pictures from the trip here on my homepage. Hopefully you will find them

under Galleries - Trips


























May delights

































Easter holiday with visit to Blekinge and Bromölla


The weekend started with a nice visit to Husie mosse in Malmö. A nest-building Penduline Tit was nicely portraied.

An evening visit on Easter Eve to Gäddängen gave Great Whit Egret in the sunset.


In wonderful weather I and a friend visited Östad gravel pit outside Bromölla to see Common Winter Damselfly, which was discovered the day before by Ola Ellerström and Magnus Billqvist when they were out on a survey for damsel- and dragonflies. We almost directly found a pair of Common Winter Damselflies mating. An amasing number of 13 individulas were counted and photographed.


The next stop was Nässjön outside Ronneby in Blekinge which is an old locality for Scarce Tortoiseshell, which recently was rediscovered after some 40 years of abcense. At least five individuals were eventually seen.


We ended our tour by driving to the northern part of Stenshuvud National Park at Hällevik, which I visited some weeks ago to see Large Tortoiseshell. On the same spots at least three individual were still flying. One even landed on my friend! Also lots of Comma Butterflies.































Weekend with visit in the NE


An attemt to see Scarce Tortoiseshell at Karpalunds

dammar and Common Winter Damselfly at Sölve

gravel pits failed. Probably due the rather chilly and

a bit windy weather conditions. Was compensated

with good views of Penduline Tit at the first locality.


The Easter weekend seems to come with warmer and

more settled weather, looking good for photographing!






Sandasjön and Höganäs



More than 1300 km and 40 hours without sleep took me and a couple of friends to the first Caspian Plover for Sweden at Sandasjön in Södermanland on Saturday.


After nearly one hours fruitless waiting after sunrise and nearly given up, the Plover woke up in front of us. It may be hard to conceive what a joy that spread.


The plover showed up very nicely and gave great opportunities for photography.


After a stop at the lake Tåkern we stopped on the way home also at Höganäs to photograph a very fearless Yellow-billed Loon. A great weekend!























A visit to Stenshuvud national park in gorgeous spring weather gave migrating Cranes, Liverleaf and above all my first Large Tortoiseshell.





















New web-hotel and webpages



After much hard work, I have now finally been done with my new, hopefully much more functional website.


On this start page my plan is to fill this in with reports from travels abroad and more local trips.


My blog on WordPress is mostly about foreign policy, and particularly about Russian one. It is now reached from the menu above and is entirely in Swedish (but can of course be translated with eg Google translate in Chrome).


Visit my galleries where you will find thousands of images from Sweden and travels abroad. The organisms are ordered systematically and in reversed chronological order. All galleries are searchable and possible to comment on through Facebook.










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